Digital solutions leveraging new potentials

The factory of the future is known to be intelligent. It networks people, machines and resources and organizes and optimizes itself over long distances. The intelligent product sets the pace. Production is no longer centrally controlled but decentralized and (partially) autonomously organized. This requires a great deal of data generated by machines, tools and systems.
Cutting tools from the vast majority of manufacturers are mature products and, on their way, to becoming a consumer item. This process will end in fierce price competition and product interchangeability. At the same time, the digitalization of the value chain is taking place in the factories. Machine tools, measuring instruments, tools and other means of production are interconnected, communicate, generate and collect data in real time. Initially, however, this data is nothing more than raw material. The use of the data should create added value, reduce inefficiencies in the process chain, enable new business models and thus pave the way for the factory of the future.

Florian Böpple

Manager Digital Manufacturing

Walter AG, Tübingen, Germany