Internet of Production

With the Internet of Production (IoP) we have the vision to enable a new level of cross-domain collaboration by providing semantically adequate and context-aware data from production, development and usage in real-time on an appropriate level of granularity.

Brief content of the Presentation:
In the context of digitalization of production systems, NC controllers of established manufacturers increasingly provide interfaces for real-time acquisition of process signals. Based on gathered information, process-parallel analytics not only offer potential for process optimization and root cause analysis in case of production problems, but also for machine, component or even quality monitoring. This presentation discusses approaches that encapsulate domain knowledge in models operating in real-time. These simulation models derive parameters based on live recorded process signals in order to assess process stability, machine condition and workpiece quality. As a result, a significant added value is generated for manufacturing companies. In addition, a comparability between processes, machines and workpieces can be established. This finally opens up possibilities for a targeted use of statistical methods and new business models.

Christian Brecher

Member of the Board of Directors of WZL,
Professor of the chair of Machine Tools and Executive Director of the Fraunhofer Institute IPT