Platform as a service: a new business model in manufacturing

PINTOTECNO, with a turnover of € 17M in 2018 and a staff of +90, is an Italian manufacturer specialized in process design and machining of hydraulic parts and components for industrial and mobile sectors. Thanks to our large R&D investments, we are currently living a large expansion that will result in a steady growth of +20% over the next 3 years. As a result of our Digital Transformation program (planned over the next 5 years), we are developing BrainedFactory, a B2B software platform integrating key industry 4.0 features to streamline manufacturing processes and deliver an outstanding User Experience comparable to the best B2C practices. It will result in a platform-as-a-service marketplace for the entire industry, integrating vendors, distributors and manufacturers, thus accelerating the business and the delivery of final manufacturing products.

We will carry out an ambitious technical and commercial roadmap through a 24-month project. Technically, we will automate quotation and order management data collection to a Big Data container and implement drawing processing and Machine Learning to calculate and plan optimized part production costs. Commercially, we will spread awareness of BrainedFactory with a targeted branding strategy, expand our market in EU and abroad, and carry out a communication campaign, using channels as fairs and workshops to directly connect with our potential customers, mixed with online ads campaigns (to generate direct sales through our website or other web aggregators), combined with an active social media campaign and inbound marketing to strengthen our brand reputation.

As a result of the planned investment (partially funded by Horizon2020 program), we will be able to benefit from an outstanding growth, while diversifying our portfolio and integrating unique technology that we will provide to interested parties. We will be able to increase our actual turnover to double it by 2025.

By 2025, BrainedFactory will also allow over 600 manufacturers that will subscribe to our platform services to save over 91.7M€ and 127 ktCO2-eq per year, while developing more, better and safer jobs in the current industrial landscape in the EU and abroad.

Andrea Bigando

Chief Digital Officer